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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 18, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> ama: good evening. i'm ama daetz. alan wang has the night off. a marine from los altos who was killed in afghanistan is being rememberedded. the funeral for is happening right now at his former high school, st. francis in mount view. sergio quinn quintana is live wh more. so many people have come out to pay their respects. >> he graduated from mountain view high school in the summer of 2001. but the president of the school pointed out that it was the summer before september 11th
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september 11th and it was in the shadow of that attack on our country that he joined the marines later and become a leader in the corps. hundreds of people turned out for this memorial service. the first part of the event was held inside the school's auditorium which was packed, standing room over, he is a decorated marine and comes from a well-regarded family. the son of a santa clara county judge and state appellate court judge. we talked with ma -- man -- his father after he learn of his son's death. he said he was training security forces and one of the men he believed was a trainee requested a meeting and during the meeting the afghanistany shot his son and two other marines there have been a series of these type of attacks on u.s. and nato ally forces this year in afghanistan
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lately, and one in ten deaths of nato soldiers this year are from trainees or afghanis who soldiers believed were their allies. we are expecting a full honor guard salute which should include a military aircraft fly over, that should be proceedings here shortly. >> ama: a prayer vigil will be held in an hour in southern california for the family of two young boys swept away in a river in yosemite national park. the body of ten years andres adam was found a short time after the accident in the merced river. the search continues for his six-year-old brother jacob. the boys from yorba linda in southern california were on a church outing. the group was cooling off in the river when the boys were overtaken by the current. the family is -- family's church
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is holding a vigil. >> an arrest an after a cyclist says he was run down bay driver who chased im. it happened at the oak mart golf course in santa rosa. we're live with how the cyclist is doing and how the drive was found. nick? >> reporter: this is a developing story. we have good news. sonoma county roadways have become popular because of their long, open stretches but unfortunately there are angry drivers behind the wheels of cars who are not willing to share the road and be good neighbors. he is happy to be alive. this photo shows his post-surgery wrist with a knew titanium plate. one of several injuries suffered after he says being intentionally run down, chased on to a golf course and struck from behind. on wednesday, he was riding on highway 12. police say in the past few years there's been an increase in the number of cyclist taking to the sonoma ya county road. since may there have been five cyclists killed. investigators are not ready to
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say there's been an increase in the assaults against riders but did say in this case the cyclist was targeted. >> kind of reached this critical point of frustration between most wrists and cyclists and almost like an epidemic level right now. >> reporter: now, today an arrest was made. the break came when a witness, who had been the victim of a similar road rage by a man fitting the same description was identified. his professional carbon fiber bike is ruined. it will cost him thousands to repair it and he has injuries that will take weeks to heal. the police arrested 81-year-old santa rosa man. damage the suspect cozy car and debris were found attached to the undercarriage. they're convinced they have the right man because, again, of the damage to that car and the man being identified by both the victim from last year and this time around. in santa rosa, abc-7 news.
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>> ama: a violent hollywood sex offender is back in custody after escaping a mental health facility on the peninsula. derrick sanders was found panhandling on fisherman's wharf. someone who recognized from from news coverage tipped off police. sand kerrs escaped friday morning. he was being held in a locked unit and investigators say it's unclear how he got out of the facility. the sheriff's office hays sanders is a parolee and was convicted of a sex offense involving minors. >> cal osha is not commenting after the agency's lead investigator into the chevron refinery fire openly criticized federal investigators on the case. on his personal facebook pain he excused the investigators of bias, media grand stantsdzing and scaring the public with half truths and misleading information. most of the comments have been removal. cal osha and the board have
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agreed to preserve the accident site while there the investigations continue. the facebook page suggested an undercurrent of friction with the investigation as the two agencies dispute which one will serve as the lead agency in the probe. >> fire crews report full containment of a wildfire in lake county. it started last sunday near clear lake and burned just more than 12 square miles. at its peak there were 1100 firefighters battling the flames. the wildfire destroyed two homes and deadged -- damaged two others. >> would-be home owner in san ramon got a chance to buy a house after camping out in front of a new subdivision for a week and they needed to have money. prospective buyers had to hand over a check for $12,000 as deposit on the house they wanted. one man from mission san jose listed the reasons waiting for a week for this opportunity. >> we really looking for kids,
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and asian families, so, equally good as mission, and lots of our mission friends are moving here. >> ama: the homes are worth $700,000 and the contractor expects the homes to be completedly january or february. an elementary school in oakland has been reborn as a charter school and today was open house. it was one of five oakland schools targeted for closure this year. parents, partnered with the charter management organization to convert the school into a charter. the principal says the students will have the highest level of education. >> using industry level software they use in silicon valley, children are going to be paneled for making row boats, looking at water filtration system, look lt how rocket works and building a rocket. >> the school still has 100 spaces open. the first day of class is just nine days away.
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>> don't mess with texas. the state is taking to the skies to combat a west nile outbreak. that's ahead. how your story idea is helping hundreds of bay area children get a good start to the new school year. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser and it looks like we're going to see cooling next week. the seven-day forecast is coming up. >> ama: insight into what mark zuckerberg is saying
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>> ama: the war on the west nile virus is in full swing as the disease has killed 26 people nationwide. the centers for disease control says there are nearly 700 cases
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in 43 states. the few states here in green have no west nile activity reported. west nile activity has been reported in the states in red. 26 human cases in the virus have been reported in california. now, texas is considered the outbreak's epicenter and for the first time in almost half a century, dallas county has sprayed more than 100,000 acres of land with pesticides. ten people have died and 200 have gotten second from the virus. nearly a thousand students in the east bay will get the school area off to a great start. thanks to a story you told us about. at our abc-7 listens meeting last month in concord, parents said there was a need for backpacks and supplies for needy children. donations started pouring in. the backpacks are more than just a gift. >> they're loaded with all the supplies a child needs and not only did they get the backpack,
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but they now have the pens and the pencils and binders and all the goodies inside that help them do well in school and be ready and be prepared. >> ama: if you group would like to team up with abc-7 to host our next meeting go to our community page at and click on abc-7 listens meetings. >> employs join us tomorrow night for a half hour special just like me. sheryl generalization takes us inside the taylor family foundation's camp arroyo in livermore. an incredible organization that provides free camps to chirp with life-threatening or life-altering conditions. you'll meet heroic campers and the inspiring people who make the camp the special place it is. it airs tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. >> up next, the warning facebook employees received about the company's stock. also, the pageant to end all
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badgents. we'll meet the new is in world. >> a bit of a foggy, cooler hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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>> ama: we have breaking news near candlestick park, a row boat capsized. two people have been brought to shore but san francisco firefighters and the coast guard continue to search for three others, including two 12-year-old children. we have a crew headed to the scene and will have more tonight at 6:00. according to reports, mark zuckerberg's first words to his employees and investors since the stock crashed were, it may be painful. in three months the price of stock has gone from the initial offering of $38 to the closing price of 19.70.
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the psychological shock of seek your stock shrink can be devastating. >> people think they're worth a lot more money initially than they end up worth, and that can be a very emotional thing for people. i can't imagine it isn't scary when you thought you had enough money to buy a house and all of a sudden you don't. >> ama: some wall street investors want zuckerberg to step aside as ceo, sucker berg has lost $9 billion in worth. >> miss china is in front of a very excited crowd as the pageant was held the china. she is a music student who says she wants to become a music teacher. the first runner up was ms. wales, followed by miss australia. she is the second chinese woman to win the miss world. >> a big thank you to those taking bart in the abc-7 sleep train dream campaign.
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chris dean g, less a, and allen. they're among the thousands of people who have clicked the like button on the abc-7 facebook page tomorrow. every look we gate dollar helps bay area foster children. let's check in with leigh glaser for a look at the forecast. >> leigh: lots of clear sky earlier in the day but from the watermark camera, the low clouds and fog moving back in over the bay. you may have noticed also this morning some high and mid-level clouds. live doppler 7 hd showing you that some of the cloud translating into isolated thunderstorms at the spine of the sierra. look at the lightning strikes-heading up towards the lake tahoe area. looking closer you can see some of this heading up towards south lake and kings beach and most of this will start to dissipate as he head -- probably in the next
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couple of hours as the heating of the day moves down and also the area of low pressure shifts on towards the east. the be bay area, you can see the low clouds gathering near the close and reports of dense fog near the golden gate bridge. maybe some mist and drizzle. and temperaturewise, we have 93 in antioch, livermore, 87. 80, san rafael. 60 in san francisco. half moon bay, little overcast there 59 degrees, and we have 70s for us us. san carlos, mountain view. san jose, sunshine, 78 degrees. >> here is a look at the highlight. the big week coming up next week. low clouds at the coast and the bay. overnight tonight. a mild day tomorrow. especially inland, and then we'll keep clouds near the coast and a big week is that the america's cup starts next week. the practice round on tuesday, and then wednesday, this, friday, through sunday, great sailing.
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a couple more hours for the san francisco street food festival. it lasts until 7:00. partly sunny conditions. temperatures will start coming down. mid-to-upper 50s, so carry a wrap. overnight temperatures, low 60s inland. 50s near the cost, with fog, mist and drizzle and this was the cull prit for the high and mid-level clouds. muggy last night. most of the showers as the low treks to the north and east will lift out. and we'll say goodbye to them and more of an onshore wind flow will be with us. here's a look tomorrow. low clouds near the coast. temperatures near 60 degrees for pacifica, and then oakland, look for temperatures tomorrow in the low 70s. and out towards oakley, brentwood, and antioch, and a little milder with highs in the low 90s. here's a look at some selected cities across the bay area.
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north bay, accept rose sacks 72 for oakland, 80 for san jose, fog near the coast. morgan hill, 86. watsonville, 74. the accuweather seven-day forecast will slowly begin to cool things down heading into tuesday, wednesday, thursdayle just in time for all of the huge sailing ships to move in towards san francisco bay. we're going to have some wind by tuesday and wednesday for them. >> ama: sounds good. mike shumann is here with shorts and a bit of a reunion. >> mike: i thereof go back in time. the weekend sell precision of the 2002 team which set an american league record with 20 straight victories and at the u.s. amateur, we're hoping for an all-cal
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>> mike: this weekend the a's are celebrating the ten year reunion of the money ball team. the manager art howell was here, along with scott hatterburg who hit the walkoff home run. the players enjoyed the streak but were eliminated in the playoffs by at the twins and it's still fresh in the players mind. >> it was a great streak, a great team effort, great run. it was an experience that is hard to explain unless you're in the locker room and it was a bonding thing. >> winning games was awesome. but if you ask the guys, that lost in the first round put a
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damper on everything. that's what we were aiming for to get to the world series. >> mike: niners hosted by the texans, and free agents trying to solidify their spots on the roster, including eric. left the university of san diego in 2008 and has been on a five-state, seven-team run. eric had four tackles and two sacks in the finers first preseason game. this may be the year he makes the final roster. jim harbaugh coached him at san diego. >> i think a lot of him as a football player and as a person and a guy and very talented, hard-working guy, who you can count on. really happy for the way he is playing. >> mike: game just fund way in houston. texas scored first and the niners kicked a field goal.
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it's 3-3. we'll have highlights at 11:00. >> golf's u.s. amateur being held in colorado. cal has two players in at the semis, michael we'ver and brandon haigee. a kid from fresno name. three straight birdies to start the day and then this 50-footer to put him-under 4. weaver's cal teammate didn't fare as well. needed this shot to keep the match going. not close. weaver with the six-foot birdie to win it. got it. they will play 36 holes tomorrow for the u.s. amateur championship. >> third round in the win -- windham championship. tim clark, 3-under 67. second on the par-4 11th.
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plays the break beautifully. how did this not go in? hits the pin and bounces off. he would birdie. one become of the leader at 13-under. jason dufner. shoots a 7-under 63. great birdie two back, all chasing sergio garcia,. hasn't won since 2008. 4-under 66 on the day, 14-under on the tournament. the leader heading into sunday's final round. >> serve them up, a little preview of the u.s. open at 6:00. see you then. >> ama: check out one of the newest and most expensive cars in the world that
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. >> ama: coming up at 6:00. a father goes on a wild police achieve with his wife and four kids in the car. >> a morning cup of joe could do more than wake you up. it can help you live longer. a sensible buyer who just isn't satisfied with a regular lamborghini, the company will be making a more expensive model. yay. the lamb bore din any will set you back $2.2 million. that price tag does not include air bags. that means it is not considered street legal and is strictly for use on tracks in the u.s. and europe. the car has a v-10, 570-horsepower engine and goes from 0 to 60 in # .6 -- 2.6 seconds. that does it for this edition of abc-7 news


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